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Suzhou Contbetter Tools Co.,Ltdhas successfully passed ISO9001 quality system certification

Date:2022/5/10 18:11:52 Hits:169

In November 2015, Suzhou hengbit precision tools Co., Ltd., which has been committed to designing and manufacturing high-performance cemented carbide tools, officially passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification (ISO9001:2008, registration number: 10115q18116r0s).

ISO9001 series standards are a set of international standards for quality management formed and improved by the international organization for Standardization on the basis of summarizing the advanced quality management experience of developed countries. They have a wide influence in the world. Passing the quality management system certification is an affirmation that the enterprise can continuously improve its quality ability. The certification of the enterprise shows that it has reached international standards in various management systems, and the enterprise can continuously and stably provide customers with expected and satisfactory qualified products. Enterprises can stand in the perspective of customers, take customers as the center, meet customers' needs, and bring international standardized products and services to more customers.
For a long time, Suzhou hengbit precision tools Co., Ltd. has demanded itself with "endless improvement" and guided itself with the spirit of "no small step, no small flow, no river". The company's trademark "CBT" is "continbetter", which is the determination of endless improvement!
Suzhou hengbit precision tools Co., Ltd. successfully passed the isp9001:2008 quality system certification, marking the continuous improvement of the company's product quality and the continuous and effective operation of the quality management system, which fully reflects the company's quality management level. The company will continue to win customer satisfaction with excellent quality.

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